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    A Wildlife Pro DFW is a proud member of the following organizations:
    National Wildlife Control

    Operators Association

    (214) 606 -1987                                                                             dfwwildlifepro@live.com

    Our Mission


    The human population continues to grow and spread further into undeveloped land.  Animals are losing habitat and are forced to adapt to urban life to survive. Texans are particularly familiar with the high incidence of animal conflicts around our homes and businesses. 


    A Wildlife Pro DFW is a locally owned, full-service wildlife control company serving the Greater Dallas area. We specialize in urban and suburban wildlife removal and damage management for both residential and commercial customers.  In addition to thousands of homes, we work on many types of structures such as schools, restaurants, and municipal facilities.  We handle all aspects of restoration from animal intrusion including removal, repairs, cleaning, and insulation.


    A Wildlife Pro DFW promotes exclusion of nuisance animals from human dwellings when at all possible.  When it is not feasible, we provide relocation services with consideration to the animals' well-being.


    All of us at A Wildlife Pro are animal lovers and have a wide array of domestic pets.  Our backgrounds reflect this love in education, experience, and our ongoing commitment to learning how to best resolve wildlife issues.  We hope to promote peaceful coexistence between people and wildlife through humane, long-term, and cost-effective resolutions of human-animal conflicts.






    We do not handle:


    Pets or any domesticated/companion animal species (see below paragraph).

    This includes feral dogs and cats.



    Feral Hogs


    Birds of Prey (owls, hawks, etc.)

    Water Fowl (ducks, geese, etc)

    Insects or Arachnids


    Residential Animal Repair Inspection

        Domestic Animal Problems?    


    Unfortunately, we cannot help with domestic animals such as companion pets or livestock.  If you need assistance with a domestic animal, such as a dog or a cat, please call your local city or county animal services for assistance. They can assist you with issues such as stray dogs and cats, spay and neuter programs, vaccinations, licenses, pet adoption, bite reports, deceased pets, lost pets, local animal complaints and to report neglected or abused animals.



    • City of Dallas Animal Services:  (214) 670-8246

    • Plano Animal Services:  (972) 769-4360

    • Collin County Animal Services:  (972) 547-7292

    • Irving Animal Services:  (972) 721-2256

    • Denton Animal Services:  (940) 349-1600

    • Deceased Livestock Removal:  (972) 971-4812

    • SPCA of Texas:  spca.org