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These slithering reptiles come in 105 species all around Texas, only 15 of which are venomous. Running across one can be terrifying, especially in your own backyard. Luckily, they're even more afraid of us.

Common problems with snakes:

  • Scaring family members

  • Attacking chickens/eating eggs

  • Biting children or pets

  • Snake stuck in the pool

  • Snake in the house

  • Snake residing in your footwear

Snake Behavior

While they can look terrifying, snakes play an important role in our ecosystem. They help control the populations of various pests, such as bugs, rats, mice, and other reptiles. Sometimes snakes can accidentally end up in pools while going after prey or trying to get a drink. Snakes can commonly be found in gardens as they go after frogs and snails. These snakes are usually the most harmless. Other snakes can be found in tall grasses. When hiking or taking a nature walk, it's important to have a walking stick so you can poke the ground in front of you to avoid stepping on a hidden snake.

Snakes are typically found outside the home. They usually only end up in homes when going after prey. It is extremely uncommon for snakes to live inside of houses. They typically prefer dark places outside, like log piles or under decks. They prefer to hide in places that are cold, dark, and, damp. Always wear gloves when doing yard work to avoid getting a bite from a surprised snake.

Snake Removal and Prevention

Snake removal can be done safely by anyone as long as the proper distance is maintained. Snake are notoriously difficult to correctly identify so it's best to keep your distance. The safest way to remove a snake from your property is to gently spray it with water from your hose. This will encourage the snake to leave and you don't risk getting bit. Contrary to popular belief, almost all snakes are not aggressive. They will not chase you down to bit you. They only bite when they feel threatened. By keeping your distance and using the hose, the snakes will almost always peacefully move on.

While many people might rush to grab the nearest shovel, killing snakes puts you in unnecessary danger. Most snakes are completely harmless and are only passing through your property. They also help control the rodent and pest population, meaning less cicadas in the summer and less rats to possibly get into your home. In the case that you do find a venomous snake, it is safest to keep your distance and leave it alone. A bite from a rattlesnake will cost you a minimum of $10,000 in hospital bills for the antivenom alone. Instead of attempting to handle the snake yourself, contact us for professional help. We are trained in snake identification and handling and we have all the necessary protective equipment to keep ourselves safe from snake bites.

Unfortunately, snakes cannot be completely prevented from coming onto your property. Snakes will slither by from time to time but to reduce that number, there are a handful of things you can do. Snakes look for two things when they come through your yard, food and shelter. The first thing you can do is remove anything attracting mice or rats to your property, and especially into your home. Second, you need to remove anything that snakes would make shelter in/under. Brush piles, unkempt firewood, and, dead or rotting trees/logs are all prime places for snakes to hide.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I buy a repellent or a sound emitter to drive them off?

A: No! While there are a number of chemical or urine based repellent on the market, they are only effective in specific circumstances and when used by professionals. Noise deterrents, or sonic sound emitters, also will not work. These devices are a scam. If animals are not bothered by the sounds of cars or people, they won't be bothered by sound emitters.

Q: Can't I just do it myself/have my handyman do it?

A: It's not advised. Wildlife can pose many dangers. Without proper protective gear, wild animals can attack and injure people or transfer diseases via fecal matter or bites/scratches. When trapping or exclusion are done improperly, it can lead to many problems down the road, such as animals being trapped inside walls/attic, other animals taking up residence, and, even worse damage to your home, which can lead to expensive bills down the road.

We take pride in every job we do. That's why we have a Lifetime Guarantee on all our repairs. Wildlife won't be able to get past our repairs, and if they somehow do, we will come back and make things right, for free. Don't put yourself or your family in danger. Leave wildlife removal to the professionals.

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