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When a whole family of wild animals take up residence on your property, we have the tools to safely evict the animals without any young being left behind.

Our exclusion services offer a humane solution to wildlife on your property. From evicting bobcats from under your deck or raccoons from your attic, we can exclude any animal that can't normally be trapped and released. We have a number of different methods we can use for your exact situation, all of which are completely safe for you and your family.

Trapping & Relocation"

Our technicians strive to provide humane and effective methods of trapping animals. We live traps and relocate animals to forested areas where they can thrive. We can do this for all animals that may take up residence in your home.


Unfortunately, squirrels and rats don't simply teleport into your attic; these rodents seek out weak spots along your roof line to chew until they make it into your attic and walls. Even once the original animal is excluded, other animals can discover these hole and use them to gain access to your home. Sometimes, animals like raccoons will make the hole even bigger in order to fit though it.

Once we've excluded the animal(s) causing the damage, we offer complete repairs of the entrance holes that perfectly match the exterior of your home. We offer a lifetime warranty on our repairs, so if an animal does manage to chew through them, we'll come back to repair them at no cost.  We guarantee the job will be done right, every time.


In the case that the attic insulation is soiled, we provide both insulation cleaning and replacement services. Depending on the severity of the contamination, we can either provide full cleaning or, in worse situations, we can completely remove and replace your insulation.

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