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Help Save Heard Wildlife Museum & Sanctuary from Illegal Hunting

That headline shocked me too. Who would do such a thing? That is what I read in a subscription email yesterday from one of my favorite local nature preserves. Here is their plea:

Though the Heard Wildlife Sanctuary is private property and hunting is not allowed, we have recently collected evidence that prohibited hunting activities are going on in this nature preserve. By helping us purchase additional wildlife cameras to monitor more areas of the Heard Wildlife Sanctuary, we will be able to work more effectively with local game wardens to help us enforce applicable laws.

This project will help to protect many species on the Heard Wildlife Sanctuary, such as White-tailed deer, Northern raccoons, Eastern cottontail rabbits, owls, songbirds and much more. This will also help us collect valuable scientific data and information about the behavior and health of the resident animals.

How you can help

On North Texas Giving Day, Thursday, September 17, from 6 a.m. to midnight, gifts of $25 or more given on North Texas Giving Day will receive bonus funds, making your donation go even further. Please donate to Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary through

We appreciate your consideration! To learn more about how your gift will be used, click here.

Did You Know?

  • The Heard is a private 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, making your gifts tax-deductible. More info

  • The organization receiving the most individual donations will be awarded an extra $3,000. More info

Even if you can't afford a donation now I encourage you to take a moment to view their website and learn about this wonderful place, the work they do, and the education they provide. And it's a great place to bring the kids to learn about animals and nature, go for a hike, or see the current dinosaur exhibit.

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