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If you have found an orphaned animal,


You can cause more harm than good. The best way to help is to keep it warm and

protected in a quiet place while seeking advice from a trained rehabilitator.

For assistance finding a wildlife rehabilitator near you, please go to AHNow.org ,

or call DFW Wildlife Coalition at 972-234-9543.






While they may be sweet as infants, they will grow into an adult wild animal with a hormonal drive. Please do not consider trying to keep these fragile creatures as pets. If you imprint on an animal as a baby and then release it once it becomes difficult to handle as an adult, then you have doomed that animal from surviving in the wild. It is also illegal to be in possession of native wildlife unless you have a state or federal issued wildlife rehabilitation permit. The kindest thing you can do to help is let a licensed wildlife rehabilitator raise and release them to their natural habitat.
















If you have found an injured or orphaned wild animal that needs help, click on any of the below links to find detailed information on each species, including the animal's habits, when to intervene, and how to safely transport. If you've found an animal not listed, please contact DFW Wildlife Coalition for further instruction.





I've found a wild rabbit


I've found a raccoon


I've found an opossum


I've found a wild bird







For further information, please contact:



DFW Wildlife Coalition

Ph:972.234.WILD (9453)
E-mail: info@dfwwildlife.org







All links and information on this page were provided by WildRescue, Inc.


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